Water Pump Resistance Welding System
Water pump housing nut resistance welding system
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
Power Supply (V/¢/HZ) 380/3/50
Discharge transformer power (KVA) 2*500 KVA
Capacitor 60pcs of 2000μF/1000V capacitor
Max primary current (A) 210
Primary cable (m㎡) 50
Rated duty cycle (%) 50
Secondary empty voltage (V) 18-23.5
Welding cylinder size(¢*L) φ250*150
Max working pressure(N) 48000
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6-0.7
Cooling water consumption(L/MIN) 10
Dimension (L*W*H) MM 3500*2100*3000

1. The water pump welder is equipped with 60KJ capacitor discharge welding technology.
2. The welding system requires manual feeding and discharging of the workpieces.

Background information
The welding machine is designed for 1 inch nut water pump housings. The traditional technology used for this process is argon tungsten-arc welding, which has a low efficiency and high labor cost. Our resistance welding technology significantly improves production efficiency and quality.

Water pump blade welding machine
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
dimensions 2550 4570 2000
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
rated capacity (uf) 120000
power supply (KVA/V/¢/HZ) 135/380/3/50
primary current (A) 210
rated duty cycle (%) 50
secondary floating voltage (V) 18-23.5
Secondary voltage regulating series 2
arm gap (mm) 100
cylinder stroke (mm) 150
welding speed (m/min) (s/piece)(once/s) 6
Max. Working Pressure (kgf) 2454
compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.7
compressed air consumption(0.5MPaair pressure,stroke:60mm) (L/once) 28
cooling water consumption (L/MIN) 10
primary cable specification (MM2) 50
maximum short circuit current (KA) 240

1. 60KJ capacitor discharge welding machine.
2. The welding machine adopts an eight station automatic turnplate.
3. Manual workpiece feeding and unloading.

Background information
The welding system is designed for welding water pump blades. It is intended for the replacement of traditional casting technologies. The large welding current is not a problem as we adopt a capacitor discharge welding technology, which significantly reduces the demand for power capacity.