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Home Appliance and Hardware Welding Solution

This series of products covers our home appliance and hardware welding solutions. They feature capacitor discharge welding technology and improve the overall production efficiency of welding processes with consistency. The welding quality is also unparalleled.

The water heater inlet-outlet tube resistance welder solves issues with traditional arc-welding by reducing smoke pollution, consumable waste, deformation, and leakage. The welder uses medium DC resistance welding technology to improve the welding efficiency and overall quality.

The welding machine was originally designed for the group welding process of Snap-On tool boxes. The welder features a double station tooling system and combines robotic welding heads with traditional specifications to produce high quality products with efficiency.

The welding machine is designed for 1 inch nut water pump housings. The traditional technology used for this process is argon tungsten-arc welding, which has a low efficiency and high labor cost. Our resistance welding technology significantly improves production efficiency and quality.