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Heron is a specialized manufacturing enterprise with a focus on the development and production of resistance welding technologies. We have more than 20 years of production experience within the welding industry and combine that valuable experience with industry leading technology to provide customers with high quality resistance welding, metal forming, metal clinching systems, and automated working stations with robotic systems.

We supply customers with a variety of resistance welders with heavy duty machine structures that provide strength and durability for long service lives. Heron welding machines are assembled with reliable control systems that maintain consistent operation levels even under severe conditions. Our resistance welding systems are widely used in the production of auto parts, electric motors, air compressors, low voltage electronics, and many other consumer goods.

Heron has grown into a global enterprise, establishing international distribution channels throughout the USA, Canada, Turkey, Poland, France, and other countries. With more than 20 years of experience, we have been exporting our resistance welding machines and spare parts to companies all over the world and have received significant praise. We continue to develop new and groundbreaking technologies in order to drive innovation within the industry and meet the ever changing demands of manufacturers. Thanks to our spirit of advancement, we have accumulated many well-known partners, including Volkswagen, Benteler, Johnson Control, Emerson, Siemens, Snap-On, Schneider, and many more.

Company History

2012 To Today
Driven by innovation and globalization.
Completed a stock restructuring and enhanced the management team and system
Developed intelligent welding equipment.
Consistently develop our international marketing campaign, and strengthen our collaboration with BTM Design
Built and established our new manufacturing complex occupying 54000 square meters.

Continued development and innovation with emphasis on lowering our carbon footprint and enhancing the environment.
Heron has earned over forty invention patents
The quality and efficiency of our inverter spot welder, transgun, seam welder, capacitor discharge welder, AC spot welding machine and gun have all reached the international level, and been named as high-tech products and independent innovation products in Guangdong province.
Expansion of new workshops to 12000 square meters, to improve the production efficiency of our inverter welding equipment.
Planning a new building for our future growth and expansion.

Successful, and well-grounded, advantages are highlighted

Since 2004, Our company has developed and enhanced our management team and system and the management structure is now very efficient.
Beginning in 2004, we completed several nationwide science and technology reformation projects in Guangzhou city.
The company received third prize in the “Guangzhou science and technology progress award”.
Established close collaboration with the US BTM riveting, and gradually we achieved horizontal development.
In 2005, the expanded new buildings and construction area was approximately 9000 square meters.
2005 - We have successfully manufactured our inverter resistance welding machine prototype.
In 2006, we began our collaboration with Schneider Electric for inverter welding equipment. This signaled a rapid leap in our technology and the product development. In the same year, our high current inverter welding machine gained identification from Guangzhou Technology. This inverter technology has provided a break-through compared to the traditional process enabling our firm to penetrate the low voltage electric industry, automobile manufacturing, and compressor manufacturing industries. Our Sales offices and network in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Zhejiang, Qingdao city, and Canada, our sale network and offices really began to add to the company’s success
In 2007, Heron was identified as a high-tech enterprise.
In 2008, Heron was identified as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province.

From 1998-2003
we have made a solid foundation and gaining momentum for company growth.

The company formed a solid foundation and gained strong momentum for company growth. In 1998, Heron’s first factory was built, occupying an area of about 4200 square meters. In 1999, the first batch of Heron welding machines were exported to Canada. In 2000, Heron began development of our inverter resistance welding machine. In 2002, we procured one acre of land to expand our factory area and dormitory. In 2003, we solved the recharging technology problem of our CD welder, and successfully developed the high-power capacitor discharge welding machine.

1997 - with clear goals, and unrelenting ambition we set up shop.

Heron was founded in 1997, covering 1 acre in Conghua's economic development zone. We focused on the resistance welding technology and decided to make high quality welding equipment as China's own brand, and national brand.

Heron Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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