Tool Box Robotic Spot Welding System
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 2010 4200 8100
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
rated capacity (KVA) 110
power supply (V/φ/HZ) 380/ 3 /50HZ
primary current (A ) 100
rated duty cycle (%) 20
secondary floating voltage (V) 10.4
throat depth (mm) 900
arm gap (mm) 190
cylinder stroke (mm) 16/26/40 inch tool box
welding speed (m/min) (s/piece)(once/s) 102(50 welding spots)
MWP (N/0.5MPa) 120
compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6~0.7
primary cable specification(MM2) 16
maximum short circuit current (KA) 24

1. The tool box medium frequency spot welding machine is equipped with a long arm robotic welding gun and operates using a Yaskawa robot system.
2. The welder is designed with tools and fixtures that are fully programmable.
3. Dual tool stations allow for high production efficiency.

Background information
The welding machine was originally designed for the group welding process of Snap-On tool boxes. The welder features a double station tooling system and combines robotic welding heads with traditional specifications to produce high quality products with efficiency.