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Auto Parts Welding Solution

Heron provides manufacturers with auto parts welding machines that include a wide range of specialized welding equipment. Some of these products include spot and projection welding machines, recliner welding machines, nut welding equipment, car door welding machines, and more.

The welder is specially developed for the manufacturing of Faurecia car seats. Our equipment can realize rail robotic gripping, automatic feeding, and automatic welding thanks to the introduction of our seat rail installation and other technology.

The welding machine is specially designed for the car door inverter roll welding process. In the past, this welding process was carried out by three-phase DC power supplies, which demanded large amounts of power and produced large heat affected zones.

The car shock absorber resistance welder comes equipped with a Heron 45KJ power supply and is also outfitted with a custom fixture system.

The welding equipment is specifically designed for the welding of car transmission shift forks. Traditional transmission shift fork designs feature an inblock cast technology or overall machining technology.

The Heron car step spot welding machine was developed by our engineers for car step production. The equipment is designed to replace older robotic electric resistance spot welding machines and greatly improve production efficiency.

The car motor welder is a copper wire electric welding machine was introduced by our company for connection of electric car motor wires. The welder gasifies oil paint of varnished wires through a quick heating process for terminals.

The metal resistance welding machine features a manual loading of stamping parts, an oil nozzle automatic loading and welding system, and an automatic clinching and online testing function.

This car sunroof structure clinching machine was designed for Webasto and Inafa sunroof structures. They are suitable for plan and arc sunroof steel sheets and aluminum alloy extrusion components during the clinching process.

The automatic welding machine for car wheel fastener is constructed for the head welding of car wheel nuts and it is outfitted with a 440KVA Heron medium frequency DC power supply. It is also outfitted with a dual automatic loading system and an automatic assembly fixture system. The welding system is designed to replace traditional manual welding processes and improve safety and maximize efficiency.

The Heron car bumper resistance seam welding machine comes with a double headed seam welding system that is powered by a 660KVA power supply unit.
Because most car bumpers are framed with high strength steel, we utilize a double wheel resistance seam welding technology. This allows for high speed welding of workpieces that can complete both sides in one process.