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MFDC Metal Electric Resistance Seam Welding Machine

MFDC Seam or roller spot welding machines
  • MFDC longitudinal seam welding machine 200KVA /220KVA / 440KVA / 660KVA / 880KVA
  • MFDC seam welding machine 200KVA /220KVA / 440KVA / 660KVA / 880KVA

The MFDC seam or roller spot welding machine is primarily used for seam welding on individual barrels and containers.

1. The power of our resistance welding machine ranges from 200KVA to 880KVA.
2. The maximum short cut current of our welding machine ranges between 20KA to 60KA.
3. At an atmospheric pressure of 6bar, the welding pressure of our welder reaches between 1200~35000N.
4. The effective throat depth is 950mm.
5. One-stroke cylinder is the standard configuration of our welding machine, though double stroke cylinder and servo electric cylinders are both compatible, and available for customers to choose from.

Technical parameter
Model # FB-200-C** FB-200-L**
Rated Capacity KVA MFDC 200 MFDC 200
Power Supply V/¢/Hz 380/3/50 380/3/50
Max Primary Current A 136 136
Primary Cable MM2 50 50
Max. Short Cut Current KA 35.3 35.3
Rated Duty Cycle % 10 10
Secondary Empty Voltage V 10 10
Welding Cylinder Size ¢*L Φ160*80 Φ160*80
Max Working Pressure @ 0.5MPa N 10000 10000
Compressed Air Pressure MPa 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.7
Cooling Water Consumption L/MIN 33 33
Compressed Air Consumption L/ welding spot 5.84 5.84
Throat Depth MM 535 1147
Arm Gap MM 247 115
Electrode Size MM Φ330*10 Φ250*20
Dimension H(MM) 2615 2368
L(MM) 1878 2274
W(MM) 1181 1263

Heron is engaged in making resistance welding system, is an experienced metal electric resistance seam welding machine manufacturer and welding solution provider. Since 1997 we have been offering wide range of MFDC resistance spot welders, medium frequency resistance seam welders, DC resistance projection welding machines and robotic welding system for global customers.

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