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Car Sunroof Structure Clinching Machine
Dimension (unit: mm)
Item Height Length Width
Size 2190 2910 1420
Main technical parameter
Item Parameter
Stamping cylinder tonnage KN (@6Bar) 78.2 (x2)
Stamping cylinder combined stroke (mm) 100
Stamping cylinder force-stroke (mm) 12
Air requirement Bar 6~7
Power requirement 380 V / 3P / 50 Hz
Enter-wire requirement 10mm² phase line, null line + 4mm² ground wire
Die specification Tog-L-Loc 5.5/4.6/3.0 series
Gasholder specification (L) 40
Cycle time of equipment (s/piece) 10( single side clinching 3 points and not include manual loading and unloading time

1. The Heron car sunroof structure clinching machine features a Tog-L-Loc sheet metal clinching system and its clinching heads will not adhere to the aluminum during the clinching process.
2. Each clinching unit is installed on the X axis and the workpiece is placed on the Y axis, which are controlled by an XY servo motor system. The clinching unit can also rotate when clinching the sunroof structure.

Background introduction
This car sunroof structure clinching machine was designed for Webasto and Inafa sunroof structures. They are suitable for plan and arc sunroof steel sheets and aluminum alloy extrusion components during the clinching process.